Tomb Ten – ‘The Feline’

‘The art of living in people’s heart,

When your chapter is over.

You have done your deed,

Now your deed will be your shadow,

It can either be a tree or a portrait of a ghost.’

~ Anon

The Tale:

Gentle reader,

As you enjoy a lingering look at the TENTH Brigante Tomb nestled comfortably among the exciting and unusual array of curiousities by which to tempt your imagination and your wallet!

And IF the door is ajar – be brave and enter for who knows what lies beyond the threshold of this emporium?

Can you feel a sudden chill in the air or the whisper of something unknown? The sound of a restless stranger?

Fear ye not as you find yourself in one of the most haunted streets of York!

Although the presence of familiar ghostly souls are known to haunt the tranquil oasis of the Holy Trinity Church and graveyard – The Snickleway Inn will pique our interest today.

Known by many names including The Square and Compass, The Board, Cooper’s Vaults and the Angler’s Arms during its long and interesting history, this 15th century Grade II listed building is rumoured to have once been a house of ill-fame and also a storehouse for gunpowder.

During the outbreaks of the plague in the 17th century here in York, bundles of tied lavender would be commonly used to disguise the smell from the dead and the dying and even now, the distinctive scent of lavender wafting through the air is still a far from an unusual occurrence!

And today, The Snickleway Inn remains home to a number of ghosts including a Mrs. Tulliver and her feline Seamus along with an elderly gentleman who is said to haunt the cellar.

There is also the little girl believed to be the daughter of a former landlord who is aged between four and eight years and who has been known to happily skip up and down the staircase.

However, as this cheerful little girl was said to be the victim of a terrible accident involving a dray – it is perhaps a little surprising although much appreciated by the mere mortals who chance upon her contented disposition!

The Location:

The Snickleway Way Inn. 47 Goodramgate. York. YO1 7LS