Tomb Thirteen – ‘The Mischief Maker’

‘During the day I don’t believe in ghosts. At night I’m more than a little open-minded.’

~ Anon

The Tale:

Gentle reader,

If the door to this delicious emporium is ajar as you catch sight of the THIRTEENTH Brigante Tomb nestled in one of the old windows – you must cross the threshold and delight at the sight which will await you, for you will NOT be disappointed!

However, as you venture back outside – can you see the Hole in the Wall Inn?

Although the name is relatively new, the inn enjoys a long history and has been known by many names including Wolstenholme’s Dram Shop, Haigh’s Vaults, Petergate Wine and Spirit Stores and Bar and The Board.

It is believed that the name of the Hole in the Wall was inspired by the tales of those medieval prisoners who at the mercy of the guards at the nearby jail at York Minster would be forced to beg for food from the sympathetic folk passing by.

In 1816 and as work was undertaken on the inn, a hole in the wall was actually uncovered only to reveal a personal dungeon along with the obligatory chains and manacles!

Legend also has it that when the sound of eerie footsteps could be heard in the secret tunnel which ran from the Minster to the cellar at the inn; a terrified labourer took it upon himself to brick up the entrance but as the footsteps can sometimes still be heard – it would appear that his efforts were somewhat in vain!

As the Hole in the Wall has also reported sightings of female and male apparitions along with the appearance of a ghostly pale mist behind the bar – this inn would appear to be just another haunt for those restless spirits from York’s ancient and interesting past!

And if you wander along Petergate towards York Minster – why not pause for a moment outside the York Arms which although now closed is in want of a new innkeeper?

Designed by the York architect J.P. Pritchett in 1838, this pub boasts one of the most active ghosts here in York – a lady wearing either a pale green or pale blue dress and is usually to be found on or around the staircase for a second or two before she disappears – again!

However, as there was much reported poltergeist or ‘noisy ghost’ activity throughout the 1980’s with the hiding of kitchen utensils, the opening and closing of doors and drinking glasses moved around the bar and as the lady of the York Arms had had no previous reputation for mischief – the investigation of the sudden outbreak remains a mystery.

It has also been reported that there is a young girl who has been known to haunt one of the houses at Precentor’s Court which is a short walk from the York Arms and has quite the reputation for mischief!

Curious much?


High Petergate. York. YO1 7EH