‘The lawn is pressed by unseen feet,

And ghosts return

Gently at twilight, gently go at dawn.

The sad intangible, who grieve and yearn…

‘T. S. Elliot

The Lady Brigante most cordially invites curious minds and those of a discerning spirit to cross the threshold and step inside a twilight world rife with mysterious happenstance and feats of every egregious kind.

As each tale will unfurl a precious truth – a pseudonym, nom de plume or ananym will most certainly be employed within the pages of this site to protect those folk who enjoy something of a rather dubious reputation.


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‘Twixt Night and Morn.

The Brigante Chronicles (Steve Evans Photography) (8)
The Brigante Chronicles (Steve Evans Photography) (9)
The Brigante Chronicles (Steve Evans Photography) (7)
The Brigante Chronicles (Steve Evans Photography) (10)


The Lady Brigante loves nothing more than shocking unsuspecting folk with the tale that she was abandoned at birth by gypsies and raised en famille with kindly mice in the crypt of an old church.

Alas! The truth is altogether more unremarkable!

The Brigante Chronicles (Steve Evans Photography) (15)

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A Lady’s musings by candlelight.

‘Twixt Night And Morn.

Guest Post: Creepy Cat

Katherine Kerestman was visiting England to research her second macabre travel book. She had not known that she was fated to meet a new friend on her first night in England – THE Lady Brigante.

Your Conscience?

On this day in the year 1739, a notorious felon by the batismal name of Richard Turpin from the County of Essex went to the gallows at York Tyburn attired in a smart new frock coat and shoes.

Delightfully Tasty?

Although this delightful emporium can tempt any visitor with an enticing array of boutiques and smart restaurants – history records that this quaint medieval street was anything BUT delightful!

A Shadowy Truth Known?

It is a truth universally acknowledged that one Brigante Tomb is restlessly awaiting discovery in the window of a deliciously harmonious emporium along Micklegate.

A #Ladybrigante #politetourist #snickelsleuth

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If you would like to take a peek at the bundles of old documents, burial records, and hear the untold tales of nefarious deeds and suspicious deaths from the exclusive Brigante archives – why not cross the threshold to a twilight world inside a little slice of the web to which the Lady B has since laid claim?

Your generosity of spirit is noted and appreciated.

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Ordinary Folk. Extraordinary Deaths.

We’re All Stories, in the End’

Steven Moffatt

Shortly after midday on a balmy August day – my body and that of my youngest child were recovered from the River Ouse in York.

And a story would begin to unfold so tragic that it would touch the hearts of many including that of the coroner who implored the media to use their influence to promote a better understanding on the subject of suicide.

Sarah Bell

I am a nursemaid and on a typical Autumnal afternoon in 1879 I made my way on foot while cradling my young charge to a popular crossing separated only by a dual rail track.

Having opened the gate to walk across the path, I paused as a luggage train went past but less than two minutes later, the baby and I were hit by a passenger train in an accident of far reaching consequences.

Mary Bell

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Waking the Dead of York?

With the coming of dusk…

And with the door of an atelier closed for the day – it is possible to catch a glimpse of a celebrated miniaturist and storyteller clad in her distinctive black feline boots wandering through the snickelways and secret passages of York in a quest to wake the dead.

ordinary folk. extraordinary deaths.

And for those of a curious and hardy temperament – why not come along and listen to the Lady Brigante as she shares with you the tales of the illustrious, the miscreants, artists, misfits and those ordinary folk who have ALL been lost to history – until now!

However, for those of a sensitive nature who are averse to real stories of tears, heartache and tragedy – a meander through the fascinating streets of York with the Lady Brigante may NOT be to your taste.

Who or What is Death in a Chocolate Box?

Inspired by true crime stories from the Victorian era and through the lives of ordinary people whose tales are woven into the rich fabric of an ancient city’s social history – Death in a Chocolate Box offers walking tours through the streets of York.

Meticulously researched and innovative – the tours are designed to offer an informative and unique walk with an experienced storyteller.

Browse the shelves of our emporium for the deliciously unusual or become a fellow taphophile on our forum Beneath Thy Feet to quench those unanswered questions or dispel gossip from truth!

And if you would like to dig deeper and take a peek at the bundles of old documents, burial records, and hear the untold tales of nefarious deeds and suspicious deaths from the exclusive Brigante archives – why not become a Snickel Sleuth and step inside the twilight world of a celebrated storyteller and seeker of the dead.